Do you ever get obsessed with something, then for a period of time, it goes unnoticed until it jumps back out at you and is suddenly appearing everywhere? Maybe the return of my love affair with orange is running rampant and coinciding with the return of the sun. I have seen just so much beauty in the small phenomenological details in the last 24 hours. I just appreciated the color so intensely: Orange clouds; Orange buildings; Orange beads; Orange sunlight reflecting on oak floors; Orange highlights in Stainless Steel; Orange juice freshly squeezed through the juicer; Orange fabric scraps swept up into a pile; Orange blocks stacked; Orange shirts folded into drawers. I wish I had captured images of each of them. These are what I did capture before I realized the emerging repetitive trend:








~ by gdesign on February 13, 2008.

One Response to “Hue”

  1. Mardi Gras beads, huh? How did you those, hmmm?

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