Subtle Simplicity


In all regards, it was a simple beginning. Like turned into Lust within the tumbling bounds of a rock rolling down a hillside, since my previous musings on Linen, floodgates of form and shape and stitches came rushing into my head. Until an entire morning had been spent sketching and drawing and scheming and testing. And everything changed from those original ponderings. Then I hesitated. I dug through my two precious Ottobre Magazines. Over. And over. And over. There was nothing in there that this Linen wanted to be. My sole yard, one yard. One go at it, one resultant garment sifted out and produced from all the endless possibilities running rampant in my head, overflowing into my sketchbook. And I sat on the idea of the pattern for a little while, contemplating.


I typically buy materials for their inherent qualities and then set out in figuring out what they want to be. The beauty of this idea is its simplicity; an enigma answered with a child’s simplicity. Delicacy or nicety of character in simple forms which are rendered in raw, natural materials to me strikes a beautiful balance between the two. I am more interested in focusing on how a particular material can be the main aspect of a design, not how the design can be forged out of material. For this, the Linen was yearning for a state of clarity, quality freedom from complexity intricacy absence of luxury, pretentiousness, ornament. Focused instead on it’s naturalness quality of being simple or uncombined. Clarity of expression; Austerity in embellishment; The quality of being simple or uncompounded; Absence of pretense


Then hit a doh! moment where the pattern and a form collided with a get-on-it force. It is simply a super-sized elongated version of the earlier baby tunics. See what I mean by infinitely modifiable Ottobre patterns? Wider, longer, easy tracing onto Architectural Trace paper a bigger resultant of the original shape. Oh, and with pockets. It needed to have pockets. From first line with the sharpie marker to last snip of excess thread, I would say this was under an hour.


And Araiya loves it. Easy to move, comfy to wear. And I even had enough linen left to whip up a pair of baby pants with the brown floral cotton as cuffs and a back pocket. Now all we need is Spring.


~ by gdesign on February 12, 2008.

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