That berry rude

Often times I find it funny the patterns we fall into. The things we do over and over, say over and over, often without even picking up on the repetition we have fallen into. Until, perhaps, something goes amiss.


Two such instances came crashing together this week. Oddly both revolving around the nearly unrelated use of Berries. That was the point when I realized how we keep doing the same things over and over. First, obviously, is our every-few-days dosage of Blueberry Smoothies. It didn’t dawn on me that pretty much every weekday morning we are at home is marked by the whirling ritual in the blender. Matt has worked from home at least one day a week and it took his outsiders perspective to comment that he thought we did this every day. Made me think, no not every day… but yes, almost every day we are here. So yes, we practically do this every day. And that day we were out of key ingredients. I am trying to increase Tallis’ caloric intake, since she is nursing less and packing away tons of food. Smoothies have become our mid-morning snack supplied by our bottomless bag of Costco organic blueberries, Goat yogurt, wheat germ, juice and a banana. But behold, no bananas. no juice. That day we got the paired down version. No one noticed the difference, smoothies were enjoyed by all. The enjoyment spilled over onto faces, onsies and the floor.


Araiya is adamantly set on drinking her smoothie with a bendy straw. One where she has selected the day’s color all by herself. And selected Tallis’ color. And selected my color. When she has finished hers, she moves onto mooching off of everyone else’s. Namely the easy mark that is her sister. But Tallis fights back. Tallis likes her smoothie and Tallis is at the grabby age. Tallis wants Araiya’s cup. And her straw. And since Araiya has left hers on the floor to go after Tallis’ smoothie, they are fair game, right? So Araiya corrects her sister. Nooooo. That mine. (takes straw) Noo-ooo. Here, Dis Yours (hands her an empty cup. Tallis, not tricked drops it and goes after non-empty cup Araiya has). And this part I know Araiya has picked up from me. From what I tell her when she is grabby with my things. No, Tallis. Dat Berry Rude. Nooo, Dat Berry Rude of Yous. And now she says it all the time. Me trying to hold her hand while we are walking up the stairs. No grab my hand. That Berry Rude of Yous. Matt taking his Palm back when Araiya snatches it off the office desk. No take my phone. Raiya call boys. That Berry Rude.


And that leaves me wondering exactly how many of the aforementioned smoothies I have made these kids. Wondering exactly how many times I explained to Araiya her behavior was rude before she picked it up and began copying me. Wondering how many straws Araiya could shove into my smoothie if I let her have more than the three we each used.

Such pondering likely doesn’t result in such answers.


~ by gdesign on February 10, 2008.

One Response to “That berry rude”

  1. Your girls are beautiful. I love checking your journal to see what you’re up to and soaking up the warmth of your photography and thoughts. We miss you and think of you often and should get Araiya and Gavin together one of these days to play.

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