Perhaps this post should be entitled ‘notes of a heathen sewer’ or something to that effect. I am not exactly a follow-the-rules type of person. Maybe that is why I like Ottobre patterns so much. They are so easily modifiable, tweakable. Most of the kid’s clothes I have been making in the last few years are from Ottobre magazines I borrowed from a friend and traced a few key patterns onto Architectural Bum-wad (aka. Trace) then modified the style and sizes of those original patterns. Now I have my own Ottobre subscription and guess what? I still can’t follow the pattern as it was intended. The first thing I make, the easiest garment in the book, and I modify the shape, ties and the fabric band along the waist.


These are intended as baby shower gifts. Lots of little girls being born this year. The brown fabric I have had in my stash for who knows how long. Just sitting around waiting for the right use. These little tunics fit the bill just right. I love the edge band. I think I love edges in general- the details, the finished lines, the intersection of different pieces. Perhaps it is a bit like Architecture, as those are the areas which are built up and constructed together, problem solved and broken into steps so each piece comes together in unity to create the finished whole.


But I like the unfinished edges too. I bought some new Linen this week. The selvage detail on Linen is just amazing. So simple, with that band of red dashes. Beautiful, do you see it? Usually the Selvage is just waste. I have been mulling over how to use it. Mulling over a layered skirt with that red band and fringe inverted outwards at the seams. It will take more scheming, more experimenting. Definitely more rule breaking.



~ by gdesign on February 6, 2008.

One Response to “Selvage”

  1. too cute! Those would look really cute over long sleeve and leeging basics. Like a tunic. has some of my favorite baby solids. check them out.

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