It’s okay, it’s February

Valentine's Craft Tutorial done2

Can you believe it is February 1st already? Tallis is officially 10 months old. The year is officially underway. It’s officially okay to start thinking about Spring. Well, that is only half true. Matt made it up to the Summit in the 3-hour window the road was open to throw himself off cliffs into chest-deep powder on Wednesday. I got to stay home with sick kids. He almost didn’t make it back down because they closed the road again and would still be stuck up there, as the road remains closed due to avalanches. I think he owes me about $100 of Sushi. It’s okay, because now he is sick too. Maybe it will open in time for my ski day on Saturday (Edit: Looks like that is a negative). Maybe it will at least be okay to start making Valentine’s Day Crafts as a distraction since we still can’t ski and still have dreary gray skies.

This idea came from Shim+Sons. She made some beautiful Gray Felt fortune cookies from a Martha Stewart craft tutorial. I love these, but lack gray felt and really don’t know if I can handle more gray, regardless of how much I really do love it. In a rare spout of color, I decided to use Red. But then I read Martha’s version called for glue and a half hour drying time. I lack the crafting patience of watching glue dry, I need something with a bit more instant gratification. So I modified the concept and based it on an old paper craft trick I used for a custom-designed Wedding stationary set I did many years ago. So here is a no-glue sub-half-hour version Felt Fortune Cookie Tutorial:

You Need:
Craft Felt, cut into 5″ Circles
1/2″ x 8″ Strips of paper
Sewing Needle
Tread to match felt

1. Cut out Felt Circles and Paper Strips. Write love messages or fortunes on paper. Thread needle.

Valentine's Craft Tutorial 1

2. Place Paper Strip across Felt Circle

Valentine's Craft Tutorial 2

3. Roll Felt into a tube, overlapping edges about 1/2″

Valentine's Craft Tutorial 3

4. Using both hands to pinch the overlap, fold tube in half towards you, making a crease in the center of the tube.

Valentine's Craft Tutorial 4

Valentine's Craft Tutorial 5

5. Pinching the cookie in half with one hand, sew a few stitches securing all 4 layers of the overlap together. Tie off thread and cut tails.

Valentine's Craft Tutorial 6

Valentine's Craft Tutorial 7

6. Center Paper Strips, trim ends to point and you are done.


~ by gdesign on February 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “It’s okay, it’s February”

  1. Classy, romantic…but how did you take the pictures that feature both of your hands?!? That’s pure magic.

  2. It’s a little trick I like to call Matt…

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