I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around this one: Little Tallis will be turning One in about 2 more months. She will hit the 10 out of 12 mark in a few days. I can’t believe it.

One holds so much significance. The rounding of a calender year. The end of the era of Babyhood, the entrance into Toddlerhood. A full circle from a brand new, yet to be known infant to a blossoming little person. The marks of accomplishments- learning to walk, to talk, to gain independence. The mixed feelings I have of sadness for what we are moving past and excitement for what we are moving towards.

So I am coping the best way I know how- by planning a party. Last night I started putting together a Crusher invite, some little graphic elements and a pseudo-colors/theme. Going with a fresh look to celebrate the emergence of warmer seasons and my little Spring baby emerging into a new phase of life. Still in process, but here is the first go at it:


Just a simple party with some family & friends. Oh, and cupcakes (via miss Martha), of course.

martha cupcakes

Today, however, she is sick. She picked up a stomach bug from a Birthday Party we were at on Sunday, when, halfway through opening his presents, the Birthday boy started throwing up. Our poor little girl threw up nearly all night last night. Hasn’t hit anyone else yet (keeping fingers crossed) but it does mean we are laying low and allowing for many naps today, which equates to Mom time to work on all these fun Party details (and do laundry).


~ by gdesign on January 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “10/12”

  1. Love those graphics!
    And how in the world has it already been ten months?!? Seriously, that’s insane. Theo is nearly 6 months and my head is sort of spinning from that.

  2. I love these cupcakes. I SO have to get started on Sydney’s birthday. She’s turning 1 on 3.14. Our little “Pi” baby. 🙂 I have such and abundance of ideas for home-made goodies and backyard fun, but let’s just hope it doesn’t turn into one of those things where I have big plans and then run out of time! I need to get going, so thanks for inspiring me with this photo to get a move on!

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