I’m lovin’ it


It snowed again in the city! We woke to just over an inch of beautiful white. Makes me happy. I just about laughed out loud yesterday at the forecast, which called for 50% chance of snow. It was sunny all day. Such a nice surprise today. Looks like there will be more this week, too. Yippee! So pretty to look out over the neighborhood blanketed in white.



I know for many, snow in the city is a big inconvenience. Honestly, I miss it. It also doesn’t phase me to walk or drive in it. Granted, I have an AWD car and 10 years of experience driving in the snow, so I obviously come from a different mindset. I like how here snow is an event. Before snow was the norm. I think I am more appreciative, even tickled silly, of being a little thrown off. It is a good excuse to bundle the kids to go outside and play in it, or to hang inside and make hot tea or cookies, or make onion soup and bread.



[Speaking of cars, people have asked to see pictures of the new one. Yes, a new year, new car. Same brand, newer model. So here is a close as I could get to a pic, as Matt drove to West Seattle today. Buses are all off due to the weather. I think we will name the car Thrice, after the band and because it is our Third Subaru.]


And of course, in the time lapse between taking photos and uploading them, the sun has broken through the clouds, melting the pristine frozen white clinging to branches and powerlines, sending streams of shimmering drips downward. Short lived bliss. Hoping for more snow over the course of the day!!


~ by gdesign on January 28, 2008.

One Response to “I’m lovin’ it”

  1. Yikes! You’ve had a burst of blogging and I can’t keep up!
    We got a couple inches today for the first time this year. It looks to be sticking around for the rest of the day, with more predicted tonight….

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