8 days into the New Year already. And I thought things might slow down. Guess I was wrong, as things are set to be utterly crazy the next few weeks. My goal is to simply keep up.


Don’t think though we have been slacking or anything. Our celebratory getaway to Downtown was great. The ACE Hotel I would highly recommend. We had a deluxe room with this awesomely huge pivot door into the bathroom, a walk-in shower, King sized bed, and private courtyard space.



We got a little obsessed with the bathroom and that pivot door, particularly the side with the huge mirror. I also slept an entire night without being woken up by screaming. That was on the top of my list. Followed by eating a lot of Sushi. We accomplished that one too. Umi Sake House has a great late night Happy Hour which starts at 11pm. Hands down the best fish we have had in Seattle. Great Sake too. Less than 12 hours later we were at Wasabi Bistro, stuffing ourselves with Bento boxes, specialty rolls, Sashimi, and Korean Beer.

Then we waddled around Downtown before heading back home to get Matt up to the Ski Hill. Plus I was up there all weekend, skied harder than I have in about 3 years. The Downtown escapade was surely the highlight of this hiatus. So much fun to be on a whim, no time constraints and no demands from the under 3 crowd and to just spend time together. I think we need to make this a little more regular event than every 5 years.



~ by gdesign on January 8, 2008.

One Response to “Slacker”

  1. I’d heard about Ace before, sounds really wonderful! I’m glad the getting away together went well, I’m also a big fan of doing so as much as possible. Happy 5 years.

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