Brown paper packages tied up with string


Tree? check. Stockings? check. Gifts? check. Dinner? check. Candles? check. Christmas Music? check. Birthday cake for Jesus? check. Merry cheer? check. Almost there!





The tree turned out to be not half bad. We had such fun unpacking all of our ornaments and having Araiya help us put them on the tree. I forget how much I like some of the ones we have, they hold such endearing little stories. The above two are my favorites- a Lenox porcelain snowflake given to us as a wedding gift by a special person and me and Matt (as snowpeople of course) sledding. We are taking full advantage of the fireplace and mantel before we tear this whole section of the house out.




Even better has been wrapping up presents, hiding the contents inside simple brown paper and twine. They look so unassuming yet beautifully uniform as objects in themselves. Exciting to know the secrets of what is inside and the anticipation of surprises to come as I stayed up last night packaging and tucking the boxes away in the guest bedroom.



One secret I will spill. I made Araiya this sky blue Cashmere sweater refashioned out of an old sweater of mine that is too short. The adult version had a v-neck finished with a thinner ribbed strip, which I reused as a little mock turtleneck on the toddler version. I love the detail in the contrast between the collar and body where they come together.



And little gifties, which this morning were left Kris Kringle-style on front porches of some neighborhood friends. Baked goodies, Spiced Cocoa mix, fleece scarves and playdough for kids. A celebration of giving in the spirit of an old Saint, who gave out of the heart and joy and love he had for Jesus Christ. And tonight we will celebrate as a family that same good and merciful God placing himself in our midsts, so that we may know him and his grace and all that he has done by entering humanity to gather back the people he lovingly created. Merry CHRISTmas, may he be the reason for the season, and may your celebrations be filled with the love and joy and peace found in him.


~ by gdesign on December 24, 2007.

One Response to “Brown paper packages tied up with string”

  1. Merry Christmas! Your house looks lovely. Great ideas for your neighbors, I should try and do that next year, too.

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