Christmas Cards, of sorts


Made up my Christmas postcards yesterday and just sent them off to Costco to get printed. Yes, I know, Costco. Me and my love/hate relationship with Costco. Originally the plan was to do Moo Postcards and MiniCards. I am not on the ball this year at all, Moo cards wouldn’t have arrived until after Christmas. One day I will order those gorgeous little cards, one day. But this year we will settle for Costco’s $0.17 prints. Crossing my fingers on this one.


These two photo compositions were pretty fun to whip up. It gave me a chance to look back over all the photos from the latter part of the year. There were really some great things I enjoyed doing with these kids.

If you are wondering about the little snowflakes, I will let you in on a secret. They are Photoshop brushes from Design Fruit. You can buy the entire reasonably priced Holiday Set, or get a free sample of a few brushes (what I used). Beautiful. I really enjoyed the simple embellishment they have offered to my cards. And so much better than the generic Costco Christmas Card templates! So if you are running Photoshop CS, do go download!

Edit: Jason of designfruit commented (you can read below) that these Brushes are actually from Departika. Designfruit featured the designs and you can reach the download through that site (links provided above). I just wanted to clarify they are made by Departika so I can give them their rightful credits for the designs.


~ by gdesign on December 18, 2007.

5 Responses to “Christmas Cards, of sorts”

  1. So beautiful, Natalie. Yet another outlet for your amazing creativity. Thanks for sharing the design fruit tip. I totally downloaded the sample brushes and hope to use them on something fun soon. you rock!

  2. Sorry to correct you, and although I played a small part in getting the designs up on the site, the are officially created by the team at Departika, rather than designfruit (me). I just posted about them, and linked to them from to help out Departika, of which I’m also part of. Hope that makes sense.

    Thanks for the props.

    Happy Holidays.

  3. You worked in the designs nicely by the way.

  4. Thanks Jason. Sorry about the mix up, I assumed they were yours since they were featured on your site. Thanks for posting them and all the other great resources you have at designfruit!

  5. You’re very welcome. Thanks again for posting.

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