Uncle Kwevin


Had a great weekend, though far too busy. Thursday-Sunday was a blur as once again we tried to pack too much in. We got to see Uncle Kevin, which was a highlight for Araiya. She was pretty intent on going in Uncle Kwevin’s Twuck to get a Chwistmus Twee. Araiya is quite taken with the Truck. To her (and our) disappointment, his new Nissan Frontier’s rear seats are unable to accommodate a carseat. So she was stuck in the Subaru. In addition, the North Bend Ranger Station was closed Saturday despite their website explicitly stating the special weekend holiday hours for buying a Tree Cutting Permit. So no truck ride, no tree. Matt did call the ranger station and now they are sending us a free permit for the inconvenience. We made it up to Araiya by going skiing at the Summit for the majority of the day. I am amazed how well she is doing on skis. She can scoot herself forward by shuffling her feet and we rode the chairlift twice (once with Mom and once with Dad). Her excitement for skiing is contagious. We all had so much fun. Then she fell asleep and napped for over an hour on a cafeteria table in the brown bag room. Matt got a few runs in with his Brother and we called it a day around 4pm.


We also went out Saturday night and saw I am Legend. Pretty intense. Sunday we got up extremely late and blew our plans for the morning. Araiya filled her time playing with what she thought was the best phone ever- a Graphing Calculator. She and Kwevin talked with Grandma G on it before he had to leave. I think he has filled his quota of reading board books, carrying toddlers around and filling sippy cups this weekend.



~ by gdesign on December 17, 2007.

2 Responses to “Uncle Kwevin”

  1. oh my word, Araiya is just TOO cute! I love her in her little sweats, looking at her reflection in the car. That pic made me smile. 🙂

  2. Hey, that kinda looks like my first cell phone…

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