Getting into the spirit


It has been really hard this year to feel like it is Christmas. But gosh, we are almost halfway through December already. We have done almost nil in preperation. No Tree, no lights, no wrapped gifts. Actually not any shopping for and barely any making of gifts either. I had hoped this year to actually make a nice Advent Calender to use year after year, but wow have the first few weeks flown by. The plan is to go cut a tree on the 22nd, which seems just so late in the game. Likely this is why I have been so unable to get into it, as my family always cut a tree the day after Thanksgiving. We would just hike out in our backyard (ie. the neighbor’s 100 acres bordering our property) and cut a fir that likely wouldn’t have survived much longer. We got some real winners. Now we buy a permit from the North Bend Ranger Station to cut a tree on Forrest Service land. It has become a great adventure I look forward to. It’s just not Christmas until the tree is up. Then I am allowed to listen to Christmas music, make hoards of cookies, and wrap presents to stash away in secret places.


So today Araiya and I made a modern paper holiday mobile of sorts. The idea came from Design*Sponge, she has a great tutorial we went off of. Of course, mine is all white, I like it better all simplistic and minimal like this. It contrasts well with our poo brown walls and white fireplace mantel. Later when I get naps going I will head up into the attic where I think the Rubbermaid container with all the other Christmas decorations are stashed away. We actually have a mantel to hang Stockings from, how fun!


One of Araiya’s friends, Ava, gave her this cute Veggie Tales ornament today, which she opened on the car ride home. Araiya LOVES Veggie Tales (she asks to ‘watch cucumber’ pretty much every single day) so was tickled silly to receive this. I explained what it was for, which when we got home resulted in a meltdown because she wanted to put it on “My Cwistmas Twee”- which as you know we don’t have. Maybe we need to push up the Tree Cutting to this weekend. The rich smell of pine in the house will surely get us in the mood for Christmas, right?


~ by gdesign on December 12, 2007.

One Response to “Getting into the spirit”

  1. Just do it! I’m all about the tree, too. And the smell. And the music. I’d pretty much like it better if December was twice as long, though, so I could have more time to get ready.

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