Saturday and Sunday I was slated for clinics up at the Summit at Snoqualmie, but the resort was not slated to open. We were told we would be on snow regardless, hiking. Hiking for two days of training. I was overjoyed… Thankfully, when Saturday rolled around, they had enough Instructors clinic’s they were able to spin two lifts. And it was bluebird skies, almost a Tahoe day. Coverage was okay, they hastily groomed a few strips of area, laden with Death Cookies and ridges. Warmed up enough in the afternoon to begin a freeze-thaw cycle overnight and even Sunday, while overcast and spitting microscopic bits of white, the conditions weren’t horrible. Borderline decent. Araiya was pissed at me when I left, skis in hand, on Saturday. She was overjoyed Sunday when we tossed on her long underwear and brought her skis down to the car. She looks like such a rockin’ little skier with all her gear on.


It was colder on Sunday, but both kids enjoyed hanging out at the mountain, playing in the snow and hiking around a bit. Araiya was ecstatic to slide around on her skis. I spent my lunch break pushing her up the small grade in front of the ski school building. Amazing how well she did simply shuffling her feet to get herself going and standing up on her own while gliding down the hill. Matt told me later how badly she wanted to ride the lift, and go ski with ‘The guys’ on the big hill (I guess everyone on the mountain looks like guys in their hat’s and helmets), pointing at the top of the mountain saying, ‘yea, Riya ski that”. I love that she is showing such and enthusiasm for this sport. She was dismayed when we loaded everything back up in the car and headed back down. Silly girl even had a bit of Raccoon eyes going on from the cold wind on her cheeks by the end of the day. And Tallis had a great time sitting in the snow and patting it with her glove. Most of the day she rode around in the pack, taking everything in.

I however, am a bit sore today. My muscle memory kicked in a bit, but there was still plenty of un-pretty skiing on my part. It has been three seasons of pregnant-newborn-pregnant and my base level of fitness is pretty poor. It feels good to get back in the swing of things, but I am painfully aware of how my abilities have degraded. The teaching side of things went a little better, took me half the first day to dust off all that knowledge that has been stashed away. At least my brain has retained some skills.


And someone finally got her bangs trimmed. She can see again! Miss shaggy looks so much better with her hair back out of her face.


~ by gdesign on December 10, 2007.

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