We made Home-made Playdough today. Nostalgic for me- my mom used to make us playdough on snowy days. I have never actually made it myself, but couldn’t resist when I saw the recipe on Apartment Therapy’s Ohdeedoh today.


Even the smell and taste came instantly back to me (salty, remember? Now I know this is because there is a cup and a half of salt in there). I only made half a recipe as we didn’t have enough cream of tartar, the outcome is a good amount for a toddler.



So far this has kept her busy for just over 4 hours today. Really a great thing to have- non-toxic, cheap and easy to make, and relatively low mess. I think I will make another batch to add to a gift for a Birthday Party we have coming up this weekend.



Tallis, however, was quite dismayed she wasn’t allowed to join in the fun. Sorry sweetie, not yet.



~ by gdesign on December 6, 2007.

2 Responses to “Playdough!”

  1. Thanks for the inspiration! Although I’m dangerously close to getting sucked into spending my time reading craft blogs instead of doing any crafts now…

  2. Grace- have you seen Sew, Mama, sew! Go gather some motivation and projects!

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