Tallis :: 8 Months

This month your abilities have really taken flight. I have watched your quiet contemplation and determinism propel you both physically and intellectually as you continue to learn more about yourself and the things around you. You are so unlike me, so unlike your sister who in so many ways I see a reflection of myself in. It is a breath of fresh air to watch your uniqueness be forged out of the incessant in-your-face personality of your sister. She just never shuts off, and you often just sit back and watch her, taking it all in. I sometimes ask you, what are you thinking? because the expressions on your face exhibit some kind of reaction to her antics I just can’t quite decipher yet. You are forming thoughts and opinions about what is going on around you, storing them away on that shelf of Tallis knowledge.


You are so much more aware of what other people are doing and so eager to be a participant yourself. Food has been the big one. We have gone from a few jars of baby food and rice cereal to utter scarfing of an entire jar mixed with an equal amount of rice cereal in one sitting. Even then, you are exhibiting preference. The looks I get when I try to serve pears for both lunch and dinner, how dare I? You know there is more good stuff. The other day you got a large hunk of your sister’s graham cracker, now you are hooked. You like the independence of holding it and feeding yourself. I am hesitant about wheat this young, but it has proven hard to find a good substitute, as graham crackers have that amazing ability to dissolve when they get wet, a truly ideal first finger food. The other night you also had some watermelon and peeled grapes, getting your four teeth into action. Soon there will be no stopping you as you already try so hard to grab anything going from hand to mouth from other people, just because you want to try too.


Then there is the physical development. Your crawling abilities have begun to soar, as well as your ability to begin pulling yourself up to standing. All in attempt to better interact with your sister. You love to chase her, knees and hands padding across the hardwoods, as she shrieks and giggles, chase me, Tallis, chase ME!, and you in your deeper raspy voice, he-he-he-he. Both if you erupting in fits of laughter and screaming as you take full advantage of this circular floor plan. Soon you will be doing lap after lap after lap, living room – hallway – your room – our room – dining room – kitchen, and around again. Your sister has no idea what is in store for her. You are eager to get there, in the hopes you might one day actually catch her rather than always being the one in pursuit.


~ by gdesign on December 1, 2007.

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