Gray knits


I love gray- can’t you tell? I really love gray fabrics, particularly those which have wonderful texture and tactile qualities. I like textures– from things like the current banner for this blog, which is some 1/4 inch thick Industral Wool Felt all the way to simple sturdy cotton knits, which I used today.


The deep charcoal knit used to be a maternity dress I made for myself last winter. I loved the fabric on the bolt and bought the last reminent for $1.98 a yard. I thought it would hang differently as a simple boat-neck jumper to wear over leggins and a turtleneck even post-pregnancy, but I am just not in love with the dress as much as I am the fabric. Now it is beautiful yoga-style pants for Araiya.


The soft heather-gray is a rich heavy ribbed cotton. It is enough of a color to sometimes read as a purple hue. I bought over 2 yards of this and am on my third pair of wide-leg sweats for the girls. One pair for Tallis, one for Araiya and one to grow into. Still even have enough left for yet another pant or perhaps a shirt. Feels nice to get into the swing of sewing!


~ by gdesign on November 29, 2007.

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