F.A.T. snowshoeing


Family Adventure Tuesday’s (F.A.T. for short) continues on after a long hiatus.

(In my best newscaster voice) This week’s forecast is calling for a series of snowstorms hitting the mountains through next Sunday. The Pass was closed briefly last night and the snow level dropped below 2000′. Accumulation up to 10 inches in some areas.

There was a break in the front this morning. A perfect opportunity to jump in the car and head east with the goal of snowshoeing and playing in the white fluff. We weren’t the only ones in the parking lot of chair 6 by the snowshoe center of Summit East. Another snowshoer with three dogs, a snowboarder who hiked up under the lift a few hundred yards, an older guy who went once around the cat track loop on a pair of straight sticks mounted with new AT bindings, a Summit maintenance guy working on the Silver Fir chair, and a Seattle PI photographer to catch everyone in action. We all dispersed in various directions, us diving into the trees with the kids on our backs.




We didn’t go too far, Araiya was itching to get out of the pack and dive into the snow. Rather, the ‘No, as she calls it. We came upon a clearing, an untouched blanket of white, and let the two year old at it. We rolled, made snow angels, ran, threw snowballs, dug with the shovel, buried Araiya up to her armpits. But mainly she ate snow. Snow is good. We taught her to brush aside the top layer and eat the snow underneath to avoid ingesting the bacteria on the surface. Yep, imparting the depth of useful knowledge and wisdom onto the next generation.



Tallis watched with interest, perched in the pack and peeking over my shoulder. Back at the car we plopped her down, packing snow around her to anchor her in place. Araiya built a snow tower in front of her. I think she started to get it. Hard, I can imagine, being stuffed into a pink fluffy suit with no hands to grab anything and unable to move much among the soft white cold stuff and the immobile layers of wool, fleece and goose down she had on. By the end, she was all smiles, patting the snow with her balled up arm and laughing at the antics of her sister and Dad as they rolled around.



The PI Photographer asked why we came up. Matt’s reply was to share with these kids a sense of adventure. I do sincerely hope that is what these girls are gaining from our weekly expeditions. I love seeing a passion developing in Araiya that is so deeply ingrained in Matt and myself. Actually, Passion is probably an understatement- Obsession is a word better suited for this use. We joke our wedding vows should have read along the lines of, “..for better or for worse, in big snow years and in drought.” Today’s outing makes me even more revved up for what is to come. This will be the first winter season in three years I will really be able to enjoy all these activities I love. Bring it on!

The whole set of photos I took today can be seen here on Flickr.


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