Araiya :: 27 months


You are too funny kid. So funny, in fact, you crack your self up. Constantly. I asked the other night at dinner I asked who was funnier- Mommy or Daddy. Without skipping a beat and accentuating the response by throwing hands upwards you blissfully exclaimed, “RAIYA!” You laugh at things I don’t understand, things in your head, in your vivid imagination. Your play is riddled with bouts of laughter, girly giggling to deep belly rolling on the floor in hysterics. You make noises for your toys, have conversations with and about them.


Today it was cars. Cars go vroom. And Beep. And you know what a Subaru is. Of course you do. You played with your little toy Subaru in the front window today, looking out at the big Subaru Mommy and Daddy drive. The two Subaru’s had a conversation. Apparently it was funny, but I didn’t catch anything about what they were discussing. You knew, and it made you spat out HAHAHA’s as loud and deep as you could make your voice go.


You tell Tallis what is going on, explaining things about toys and objects to her. Mostly I think you tell her what to do. Usually the conversations have a lot of “no, Tallis”, “no this one”, “no that mine”, “no, Tallis, play this”. You want her to play with things your way. She is intrigued and so eager to play with you. She is crawling now, following you all over the place. Bright eyes and gaping smile as she interacts with her older sister. Just wait.


And your vocabulary continues to explode through the roof. Complete thoughts, sentences, abstract ideas. The entire inner dialog comes pouring out. The constant verbiage combined with the multitude of facial expressions makes it often times hard to keep a straight face. It is a joy to see your interest and intellect expand at such a rapid rate.


I know you will continue to amaze me. I am eager to see what is around the next corner.


~ by gdesign on November 26, 2007.

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