Calm before the storm

Our living room faces east, with a large picture window gazing out above the street and over the rooftops of the neighbors for a few blocks. We have some incredibly cheap Ikea curtains with a frayed unfinished hem and the screws are about to fall out of the drywall. The previous owners left these and their poor mountings which we have thus far kept simply because we have not decided upon a replacement window covering plan for the house. I do have to say, the sheer panels have grown on me, but only on this window (we have them in several other rooms as well). I think it is because of the qualities of the morning light as it is filtered through the simplicity and currents of the translucent white fabric. It is serene and calm, often reminding me to appreciate the sun through this extra large window.

This morning was particularly calm. I took a moment to try to savor it, since the rest of my day will be anything but. We have gone from dinner for 4 to dinner for 10. Yipee for friends to share a holiday meal with! The calm has already passed into a frenzy of excitement and preparation- there are pies to be made, a hefty turkey to pick up, floors to be mopped. And I think I will try to capture it all as it is unfolding. This is the first real big Thanksgiving dinner I have done all on my own. 10 will be a crowd. A diverse crowd at that. And yes, I have delegated out food items- stuffing, mashed potatoes and green salad will arrive with our guests. So that leaves me to the bird, the pies, gravy, rolls and a side. The key here is ‘advanced preparation’. I have decided to follow the Hogwash 2 hour plan, as well as make her Prosciutto-wrapped Brussels Sprouts (for Thanksgiving? sure why not be adventurous!). Off to cut apples and finish one pie before Matt gets home in an hour.


~ by gdesign on November 21, 2007.

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