Turkeys are coming

Well, at least one. Hopefully only one. And it will already be dead, thank goodness for that. And it will be organic. It will be big. Too big. I ordered it from Madison Market today, the smallest they had was 16lbs that was fresh and organic, I could have gotten frozen and kinda organic for cheaper, but the smallest guy they had was 18lbs and I would have only saved a few dimes per pound. Any fresher and more organic and I would have to kill it myself.

Regardless, we are still talking 16 pounds of Turkey. The biggest I have done was 25lbs, and that was for like, 20 people. This year it is likely to be just us. That’s 4 pounds per person, including Tallis. Tallis will not be having turkey this year, maybe she will get lucky and I will mix in some cranberry sauce with her rice cereal. You know, just to celebrate. Araiya could probably put away a pound of turkey, I wouldn’t put it past her.

We have a week to figure it all out, including a name for Mr. Turkey as I am picking up our new friend next Wednesday. It will have to be a good one, since we have fallen into a tradition of naming our meat products on special occasions. When we led an annual design-build competition in college we would do a luau-style pig roast in the ground to feed upwards of 200. Good times were had preparing Krinkle, C.W. Griswold and a few other’s who’s names didn’t quite stick in my memory. And the last Thanksgiving Turkey we got from Madison Market was Harrold. They tend to have personalities. Makes the interaction with them a bit more fun, a bit easier to get past the fact it is a large, dead animal carcass (especially when you have a 300 lb pig marinating in a deep freezer filled with beer for 3 days).

Makes the occasion all the more special. Though, I have to admit, it is a bit harder when we might not have guests to have that same motivation. Maybe I am too used to Thanksgiving being about hoards of people and mountains of food. Can I even pare down my Thanksgiving spread as to not feed an army? Can we aim to not have too much food without excluding the things that make Thanksgiving dinner, well, Thanksgiving dinner? Perhaps it will be a good exercise in the essentials. I am intrigued by Hogwash‘s 2 Hour Thanksgiving dinner. Why spend all day (or multiple days) slaving over one meal when the essence of the holiday is about people? Why not cut it down to the elements you expect and simply call it good? Can I really let go the burning need to make an apple and chocolate cream pie??

Maybe if you happen to be in the Seattle area you should just come over for Thanksgiving dinner and save me from out-thinking myself (and take some leftovers home).


~ by gdesign on November 15, 2007.

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