Costume dry-run

I’d say 80% of the fun on Halloween is me getting to make costumes. Araiya might be at the age where she will have fun this year, but for the past two years, it is purely so I can make a costume, cupcakes and have an excuse to eat chocolate. Her previous renditions have been a Ladybug at 2 months and a Chicken at 14 months.

This year may I present Araiya the Pumpkin and Tallis the Carrot:


Tallis is taking this whole costume thing with a grain of salt. I think Araiya is way more excited for her and Tallis has been into chewing on the hat. It is fun to see Araiya be so excited about her costume. She has worn it just about every day in the last week, even before it was done. She wants to wear Tallis’ too.



Both costumes are made out of stuffed orange fleece in hopes they will stay pretty warm when we are out and about. Both are essentially large pillows. Araiya’s is pretty easy for her to get on and off, as I am anticipating her being fickle with keeping it on. I may be wrong, as she loves wearing it so much, hat included. On the other side of things, we can’t keep Tallis’ hat on, so I made it big enough to fit over a cotton beanie so her poor head doesn’t get too cold.



We lit up the Jack-o-lantern’s in the front window last night and I took Araiya down to the sidewalk to see them. She was really excited to show them off. The one on the left has an electric bulb in it, so we may leave it on while we are out tonight. Sadly, that guy lost part of his head as the top of the pumpkin has gone to rot in the last week since we carved them. The light pouring out of the top lights up our ceiling illuminating the whole front window in orange.




2 hours and we are off to a few parties… I still have to outfit me and Matt as scarecrows, I’d better hop to!


~ by gdesign on October 31, 2007.

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