Life with a Toddler :: Day 795

The Scene: Sitting at the dinner table, eating Chili. We are talking about a birthday party we have been invited to tomorrow and potentially throwing a holiday party in December.

Araiya pipes in: “Yea, Party! My party!”

Matt: “Not a party for Araiya, a party for other friends.”

Araiya: “Yea, party for udder fwiends. Sasher. Birthday Cake.”

Matt: “Asher does have a Birthday coming up.”

Me: “What are you going to get Asher for his Birthday?”

Araiya: “Um? Birthday Cake! HA HA HA.”

Me (to Matt): “We could do it the first weekend in December.”

Matt: “Yea, that could work. What time would you want the party to start?”

Ariaya: “Yea! Party! Go to Party!”

Matt: “The Party will be here, we will have Mommy and Daddy’s friends come over.”

Araiya: “Mommy and Daddy, Party?”

Me: “Yea, Mommy and Daddy Party after you go to bed.”

Araiya (without missing a beat) “Yea, BEER!”

Smart cookie, that’s for sure.


~ by gdesign on October 30, 2007.

One Response to “Life with a Toddler :: Day 795”

  1. What have you done to our granddaughter???:)

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