26 months

Araiya, you are a crack-up. I just have to laugh sometimes. Sometimes it isn’t appropriate, like when she having a meltdown, thrashing arms and legs, head buried in pillow, then there is the slightest pause, so she can peek up out of the corner of her eye just to make sure I am still watching. I know, I shouldn’t laugh, I should be serious parent telling her this is not the right way to ask for something. But I laugh none the less, burying my face in my forearm trying to stifle the giggles and not let her see, else I might be spurring on her behavior.


Or the way she will ask for ridiculous things, like cookies for breakfast. Accentuating the c-ooooo-kie with big, pushed out lips, as if the additional emphasis on the vowels will somehow get me to give her a cookie. Her verbalization has greatly increased these last few months since turning two. She can communicate her thoughts better and is learning to push the exertion of her will a bit more.


I am constantly amazed at her memory and knowledge of things I said maybe once or twice or events in the past I figured she could never remember. Just last night , as I was getting Tallis ready for bedtime, she picks up a block of the floor, extends it up towards me, exclaiming, “Mommy, T for Tallis, T for Tallis!” It caught me off guard that she would know Tallis starts with a ‘T’, then I see she is holding a block with a T on it, facing the letter towards me to show she recognized it. I was pretty floored she could pick that up from the times we have drawn together and wrote out people’s names. t-a-l-l-i-s spells Tallis. She ran to the kitchen to show Matt, “Daddy, see? T, Tallis.” Spooky-smart. Reminds me how much she soaks in, constantly.


Her desire to help out is overwhelming as well. She wants to sweep, change Tallis’ diaper, cook dinner, open the car door, even drive. Her abilities are ever increasing. She is doing very well going pee on the big potty. However it is a bit frustrating when, 5 minutes after going down for bed we hear, “Raiya pee on big potty, Raiya pee on big potty” because she finished her bottle of milk and now has to go. Then we have to get her up only to start our bedtime routine all over again. Last night it took a few hours to get her to go to sleep. 9pm felt like 2am.


I still have a hard time keeping clothes on her, especially when we are home. If she is for a moment’s time not trying to be a nudist, she usually has some random assortment of clothing on. I am not surprised, I always loved to dress myself, having no worries about coordination or appropriateness. This morning she was parading around with no pants, snowboots and Tallis’ little orange down vest, trying to zip it up. She told me she was going hiking. She comes over, asks for a kiss, then says, “Bye!!” spins around and walks off. To go hiking. Now several hours later, we have pants on but have lost the vest in lieu of an old Sugar Bowl employee hat.


She is having more and more imaginative playtime. She takes care of her dollies, carries them around in her sling, changes their diapers, and puts them down for naps. I am currently not allowed in my bedroom because her dolly is in my bed sleeping. She talks on the cell phone, calling people she knows. First, she announces who she will grace with a call. Then announces their phone number, as she presses buttons on one of our old cell phones, “Five. Eight. Two. Four? Six.” followed by “Hi Yamma! ist Raiya! Yea. Bye Yamma!” Then slams the clam shell shut. She goes through all her friends and family. Sometimes she even calls boys. “Hi Boys!”


Even funnier is her facial expressions. The way she tells Talls to play with a toy, wrinkling her nose right between the eyes, then cracking up when Tallis shoves whatever object she has been handed in her mouth. Or when we ask her a question, how she pauses, looks sideways with her eyes, brings her index finger to her pursed lips, thinks for a second, bursts out a “yea!” and continues on going wherever she was before. Always going, always moving. Constantly changing.


~ by gdesign on October 29, 2007.

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