Life with a Toddler: Day 791

Setting: Breakfast. I am feeding Tallis a banana. Araiya comes over to help.

Araiya: “oh, Tallis. Eeee-ting. Raiya feed Tallis. ‘poon.” (Araiya runs to the kitchen, gets a baby spoon out, comes running back) “See Tallis? Raiya spoon. Get ‘poon. Feed Tallis, yea.”(stabs the banana with the spoon, shoves the spoon towards Tallis’ face) “Here Tallis, eat. Tallis eating. Raiya feed Tallis. uh, oh.. sowwy Tallis, hurt face. OH! Tallis! Nanas! HA HA HA HA. Tallis Eeee-ting. Here, Tallis, more? More?” (stabs banana again, shoved more in Tallis’ mouth) “Mmmmm, Tallis. Tasty Tasty!” (feeds her more banana) “Mmm, Tallis eating nana. Mmmnn, eating. Hey, Tallis, watch Raiya eating. See? Tallis? Raiya eating!” (Araiya feeds herself, Tallis watching intently, lurching forward in anticipation of her sister feeding her gooey banana goodness) “Oh! Tallis! See? Ariaya eat more! Raiya eat more nana!” (Tallis watches Araiya’s hand go from banana to mouth, each time lurching towards the spoon, mouth agape. She begins to understand each time she is getting ripped off as she watches her sister hog her banana. Tallis finally waves her arms at her sister, wrinkles her nose up and lets out a huff) “Here Tallis. Raiya done. Here, take ‘poon Tallis.” (Hands her the spoon, Tallis inspects it for banana) “Yea, Tallis has spoon. Raiya Get Cookie.” (Runs to the kitchen to attempt breaking into the cabinet to find the leftover snickerdoodles)

Ahhh, how nice that she can verbalize her thoughts.


~ by gdesign on October 26, 2007.

One Response to “Life with a Toddler: Day 791”

  1. Awww! It’s still cute, banana thieving aside.

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