Family Adventure Thursday :: 10.3.07

Snow Lake Trail from the Alpental Parking lot, chosen due to the event of the first dusting of snow on the Summit. Our hope was to get to some snow, but the weather turned and Araiya decided she wanted to hike rather than ride in the pack. Our pace slowed to the speed of a distracted toddler, eager to pick up every rock, look at every yellow or orange leaf, and point out every bit of moss along the trail. Having said that, though, she hiked a good portion of the lower trail going in, likely close to half a mile. We made it to just below the switchbacks leading up to the saddle before it got too late in the day to make the big push up in attempt to touch the snow. We ate lunch in a talus field, then forced Araiya back into the backpack to jet on out. Rain caught us on the exit, but we made it out in good time and still pretty dry. Even though it wasn’t much of a hike, the Summit was beautiful with the contrasting evergreens and rocky peaks dusted with the crispness of fresh white snow, churning mix of heavy laden clouds, blue skies, sun, a refreshing drizzle, and the boldness of changing leaves dotting the forest and slopes with splashes of oranges, yellows, and reds.










~ by gdesign on October 6, 2007.

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