Bapples = Bad Apples, according to Araiya.

And we have a plethora of them now composting. Seems like such a sad waste, we could have made so many pies and apple sauce. But the poor tree is so distressed it produced an overabundance of fruit, which it has been dropping since mid-summer. The apples have also fattened every bug, bird, and raccoon within a four-block radius. I am sure our newly expanded compost pile is just serving as the new hit spot for all-you-can-eat fruit buffet- but what can you do? In addition to our generous contribution to the decomposing and scavenger food chains, by spring we will have a great lot of rich compost for the future veggie garden beds. Not a total waste. Plus it was a fun sunny afternoon to gather apples into a huge pile. My sister was in town and she helped Araiya gather fruit off the ground and showed her how to chuck apples into the growing heap. We managed to salvage about a handful, not quite enough for a pie, though. Perhaps they will find there way into a tart by the end of the week.






~ by gdesign on October 3, 2007.

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  1. […] an apple tree in the backyard? I have mentioned it before, and even wrote about the results of the sad, wasted harvest from last year. This year, after trimming and feeding the tree, we fared quite the opposite results, having […]

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