6 months

Tallis has hit the half a year mark. Her abilities and person just continue to blossom. She has been sitting up for a while now, but as of late she can pivot herself around to keep an eye on her older sister, who constantly is running circles around her. Constantly aware of Araiya and what she is doing or playing with, she is so eager to take it all in and be a part of the happenings.


Recently she began pulling herself along the floor. It won’t be long before she is scooting and crawling after her sister. She is showing increasing interest in food, and with two teeth, we have been giving her some rice cereal. The spoon is way more fun than the mush, but I think she has eaten more rice mush than Araiya did in her whole life. We will quickly be moving on to bananas and apple sauce (hey, there is something to do with our measly 4 apples we got off the tree in the back yard!) since she isn’t thrusting the mush right back out.


She remains to be a larger kid than Araiya was, as we are into most of Araiya’s 9month and some 12month clothes. Luckily that is working out well since Araiya was so itty-bitty that is our stash of cold weather clothing. We have also transitioned her into the ducduc crib, the latest hand-me-down from her big sis. Araiya is getting a new big toddler bed, although it was a bit hard for Araiya to see the toddler rail replaced with the full crib side the first few nights she was asking to sleep in the crib rather than the guest bed. It is also an excuse to really finish up the kid’s room, but that deserves it’s own post.


Tallis is still a rock-star sleeper, although there were some bumpy nights during month 5. Supposedly usual to hit those spots at this stage, but rough nights none the less. The last few have been back to normal, perhaps it is just hitting that 6 month mark made all the difference.


~ by gdesign on October 3, 2007.

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