The Story of Talus/Tallis

The last several times we have been out hiking we have crossed or seen several rocky boulder fields. At some point along the way while telling Araiya about our surroundings, she picked up on a particular phrase used to describe the rocky slopes we had been crossing as being the same as her sister’s name. Uh-huh. So hence came the Story of How Tallis Got Her Name:

Our version:
So before Tallis was born, Daddy went on a hiking and climbing trip with his friend David (Skavdal) to Vesper’s Peak where they crossed several talus fields and Daddy thought ‘talus’ would make a good name. Mommy changed the spelling so it wouldn’t be too obvious they named their kid after a pile of rocks. Spelled ‘Tallis’ it means ‘woodlands’ and ‘dew from heaven’. Her middle name is Sierra, after the mountains where Mommy grew up, so Mommy paired it with Daddy’s selection as she was puking on the floor of the operating room because of the Spinal Block effects right after Tallis was born.

Araiya’s version (which she now says over and over every time she spots a talus slope):
Tallis, born. Tallis, born. There. Daddy. Hiking, name. Tallis, born, after that (points). Name. Oh! Tallis!


~ by gdesign on September 18, 2007.

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