:: Two :: Years old- Araiya had her second Birthday, celebrated quietly- well as quiet as you can get with a two year old filled with cake and new presents– with just family. No fancy parties, no guests, just a weekend celebrating us.

:: Five :: Months old- Tallis is well on her way around the calender as well. She is eager to crawl, eager to explore, and oh so tickled by the antics of her older sister.

:: Two :: Cakes Eaten- Because I had to bake two for the birthday weekend and two sets of guest. One for Araiya and one for me. Araiya’s was a Red Velvet cake with Cream Cheese icing covered in a Blue Marzipan and decorated with Red flowers. Mine (shamelessly) was a Cinnamon-Chocolate cake with Chocolate Ganache filling and Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting dusted with Cocoa Powder. Both were good but the oven in this house is ridiculously off- both cakes baked nearly double their usual time and were dense and dry due to the bad/uneven/wrong heat.

:: Five :: Days with Grandparents- We had back to back visits with both sets. Araiya enjoyed every minute of it.

:: Two :: Birthdays- those said Grandparent’s came to celebrate

:: Five :: Shipping Days- to wait until my Eames Rocker base from Modernica arrives thanks to birthday money.

:: Two :: Weeks- we have been out of battery in the Camera and can’t find where we stashed the charger amongst the mess in the , so we are a little short on photos and blog entries.. oops.

:: Five :: Bottles of wine- we have accumulated (and drank) in the past few weeks. Some gifts, some we picked up- all good and the most wine we have had around since B.C. (before children). Particularly good is a dessert Zin we grabbed from Trader Joe’s last week to go with Figs and Gelato. It reminds me of the Bonny Doon Late Harvest Zin we used to get with Bread Pudding at Big Sky Cafe in SLO.

:: Two :: Teeth- Tallis has cut. Cute little bottom teeth, but razor sharp as she has been chewing on teething toys and occasionally a finger as they have poked through. A true sign she is out of the newborn phase!

:: Two-Five :: Number of years- I celebrated this Birthday. Contemplating the time and reflecting on the great things I can count as part of my life. Still contemplating if I feel old, or at least older.


~ by gdesign on September 7, 2007.

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