Oh for the love…

You would think Chocolate and Basil wouldn’t hang out in the same circles. They wouldn’t naturally pair off, like Chocolate and Orange, or Basil and Tomatoes. They are- what’s the terminology?- not an oxymoron, but a name for something that is completely unrelated to it’s characteristics, something misleading- kinda like Grape Nuts, which don’t taste like grapes and contain no nuts. Anyways, like that.

But oh, Lordy. You thought Chocolate couldn’t get any better. Well, oh yes– it can. This recipe came from a great Seattle food blog I read- Hogwash– who’s inspiration for this recipe took it’s cues from the great Seattle Chocolates- Theo’s (which happens to be on our list of Date Nights). I am posting it here because IT IS THAT GOOD. YES THAT GOOD. I write in caps only because I can hardly control myself in trying to convey my excitement and fever about HOW AMAZINGLY GOOD IT IS. (Well, at least the batter, as the actual torte is for a party tomorrow night).

This is my process and result of this Chocolate-Basil Flourless Cake with Chocolate Ganache.




I am posting my pictures to share of this lustful wonderful delicacy, and mainly because my mom was interested in the recipe, which I have been itching to make for several weeks. It was well worth ensuring I waited and found (read: spent $$$ on) exquisite organic 70% cacao chocolate. Actually everything I used is organic- the cream, eggs, sugar, basil, butter. Yep, I can rest assured that while it may not be aiding my ever-slimming (ha ha) post-pregnancy waistline, the ingredients give me all the nutritional health benefits of foods higher in cancer-fighting antioxidants with lower chemicals than conventionally grown foods. Oh yea, rest well I will, content, and filled with chocolate.

And just to salvage myself from this trend of becoming a food blog:


Oh wait, let’s try that again:


Tallis has found her toes!!


~ by gdesign on July 23, 2007.

One Response to “Oh for the love…”

  1. Gorgeous photographs! Let me know how it tastes, of course . . .

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