Tallis on a roll

Three and a half months, yet time has little relevance. On one hand, it has absolutely flown by; on the other, it seems Tallis has been a part of us forever. In ways she is such a contrast to Araiya, or at least how I reflect on Araiya’ s infancy. I felt with Araiya the months crawled by, it took a decade to get to two months then another decade to get to six. Granted we are much more occupied with other things now, and Tallis just seems to be cruising along with us, always chill, just taking everything in.


She seems so much more into people, I love how her whole face lights up, eyes sparkling, big gaping yet slightly crooked smile, arms flailing, as she searches your face trying to get you to respond to her. She’s into me. For the longest time with Araiya I felt like I was just a set of boobs to her. To Tallis, I am a person. She has a quiet determination, set on trying something over and over. Tasks at hand currently are getting toys to her mouth, trying to sit up, and rolling over. The rolling over she has accomplished once, but boy does she keep at it, trying over and over, with a ton of patience. Araiya has always lacked a bit of that, seeking more instant gratification then exhibiting frustration when it doesn’t happen. Tallis keeps trying, gives it a rest, then goes back at it.


She is totally content playing for an extended period of time with a particular toy, just trying to understand it and herself better. She loves her little Gymini playmat with the dangling toys, wiggling around, hitting and grabbing things, or simply using it as a perch from which to watch the rest of the activities going on in the room, particularly watching her sister. Opposites, yes. They are learning a lot from one another as I marvel in their individual and unique persons.



~ by gdesign on July 18, 2007.

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