Summer Vacation

Maybe because it just doesn’t quite feel like summer just yet- the sun and it’s warmth keep faking us out, or maybe it is just the desire to get away to somewhere different- I am thinking.., er, lusting about exotic vacations. Not that we ever take any. Most of our travel is practical- go to Tahoe to visit family, go to Hawaii for a wedding. Great trips to great places with great people. I do wonder what it would be like to go somewhere cool for no reason. Just to go. We did do that once- 11 days car camping through Canada in January skiing at as many different mountains as we could as a belated honeymoon. We just went. It was cold.

This place looks warm. And modernist. With lots of concrete, smooth monolithic surfaces. And open. Very much my aesthetics. And did I mention warm? We have already done -30 degrees C. Yea, Celsius. We could pack a lot lighter going here. Plus we do know people in Puerto Rico, people who have offered for us to come visit. We could do that too.

Maybe next year, when Tallis is old enough we can leave the kids for a weekend. Oh, did I say weekend? I meant week.

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~ by gdesign on June 19, 2007.

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