Etsy front page action

Esty has been such an awesome resource for beginning to sell some stuff that I have been making. I am always inspired and humbled by the level of craft and professionalism I see when I browse around. Although I have only had a shop for a number of months and have only sold about a dozen items, I have conversed with so many unique and cool people from all over. My work has gone to California, Florida, Wisconsin, Kansas, Illinois, Florida, and Japan.

And then this morning I get an email congratulating me on making the front page. It is humbling and exciting that other people are looking at my work and furthermore, actually like it. It is easy to be partial to your own stuff, so for me, launching this Etsy shop has been a huge experiment. I want to continue to develop and test different ideas I have and have so far been pretty conservative- I only have one cape and one bag currently up in my shop.

My goal is to develop the shop to the point I have a handful of different lines, including some of the kids clothes I make, blankets, more Industrial Felt experiments, and of course, the capes- which means everything needs to be designed and the first runs need to be produced en mass- which means I need the time and resources to make them ahead of time in hopes they will sell and I can recover my costs in a decent period of time. That is why I have posted items one at a time- I am still hesitant and nervous (and lacking funds) to make these items in larger runs.

Maybe getting some front page attention can change that.


~ by gdesign on March 2, 2007.

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  1. Hi. Good site.

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