Someone requested a shot of my growing belly. Here it is accentuated in the convex pan which oddly resembles the morphing shape of roundness I am becoming. Perhaps you can also see Matt’s inquiry as to why I was taking a break from doing dishes to photograph dishes; he wasn’t seeing what I did.

And in the spirit of bringing a bit more variety into these pages, here is my other favorite color:


as well as the revelation, yes, I do like Brussel Sprouts. Of course for years I claimed not to (doesn’t every kid hate brussel sprouts?) until it was pointed out to me I had never actually tried them. So we did, and now they have become a regular occurrence on our table. I have found in cooking them, it is best to not allow them to become too soft- overdone brussel sprouts are probably the culprit behind their bad rap. The only question I have about this veggie is if it is more related to a cauliflower or a cabbage? Here is my favorite recipe thus far:

Rinse sprouts, cut in half. Soak in brine solution (3tbsp salt to 5 cups water) for a half hour. Drain sprouts and saute in pan (like the one shown above) with 1tbsp olive oil until tender (but still firm). Sprinkle with freshly ground pepper and serve.

And finally, more revealing of the ‘mystery material’ for my One Hour Craft Bag Swap tote I finally got a chance to pick up today:



~ by gdesign on February 7, 2007.

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